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The Epic of Goat by Pastafobia

The Flying Spaghetti Monster appears to a man and his goat.
Through a revelation, the two companions are tasked with saving the World.
How will they defeat the evil leaders?


What is PyWeek?

PyWeek is twice a year python game jam, with 7 days timeline

Official PyWeek Website.

Our Wonderful Team?

We formed our wonderful team in python discord, some of us know each other already from last year pyweek challenge.


  • VLYK VLYK#7841
  • ATC atc_tower#9122
  • Jeb !Jeb#6466
  • Krzysztof Krzysztof#0654
  • Meme memehunter#7209
  • cat Your Cat Neighbor#3521

How to get started with python?

Wanna make games?

If you want to make just games, python may not be best language.

Either learn C# ( Unity ) or C++ ( unreal engine ).

Python game libraries

  • Pygame - python library for making games
  • Arcade - we used this one
  • Ursina - for 2D and 3D game engine
  • There are few others like pyglet and panda3D


Join our discord server and come say hi. Don't hesitate to ask about the game or maybe come and give some feedback.

How To Play?

How to install?

Windows executable (recommend)
Download the game
extract the folder in your location of chose, desktop will work
run The Epic of Goat.exe
Source code
clone the repo
pip install requirements.txt

Player Controls:




Move Character





1, 2, 3, 4

Change weapon

Daily progress

Day 1

First day goals:


  • Player moving at the road
  • Window scrolling forward
  • Enemy popping
  • Shooting mechanic


  • Example assets for:
  • player
  • Road
  • Enemy
  • Bullet


  • Enemies of every continent
  • Their good counterparts
  • Think story and make it more rich


  • At text level, what bosses do levels have?
  • What kind of assets, like theme:
  • Vegetation
  • Structures

Day 2

daily goals:

  • design game
  • design levels, enemies, story
  • menus
  • changing level
  • level and enemy art
  • enemy spawning


Day 3

daily goals:

  • map, enemy, player
  • fix bugs
  • player
  • Saving state
  • Scaling
  • new assets
  • gold picking


Day 4

daily goals:

  • website
  • Enemy animation
  • Enemy logic
  • Saving game data


Day 5

daily goals:

  • bullet count and reload
  • Saving game data
  • audio system and music
  • map monuments

Day 6

daily goals:

  • Weapon images
  • Global scale
  • Multiple skins for player, animate them
  • Different type of bullets / weapons
  • Count gold
  • Gold and shop UI in map
  • Pause menu


Day 7

daily goals:

  • Code shop
  • Write story
  • Finalize enemy AI
  • Finalize game
  • Fix bugs
  • Dead Screen
  • Overall UI



VLYK’s RIDINKCULUS Idea - Sidescrolling game[a][b][c][d][e][f]


Survive the levels

You are initially a good taliban with good intentions

The evil capitalist states have gone too far

You blow up the EVIL TWIN towers

Killing enemies gives experience which upgrades your gun

Enemies sometimes drop special abilities

Mid level, there’s a mini boss

End level, there’s a bigger boss

End of each level you get better gear

(Adding to it, you can get decoy weapons too (like flash bombs to divert enemy attention and stuff)

Standard Enemies:

  • Intellectuals
  • Babies[g] (Please don’t make me rot in hell for this) Oh we are all going to hell lmao anyways
  • White People

Mini Bosses[h][i][j][k]:

  • Orange Baby Trump
  • Rainbow Lover Putin
  • Strawberry Bush
  • Boxer Dog Jake Paul
  • Beekeeper Mao
  • Tiger Obama
  • Totally Human Zuck
  • Pig Gold Lover Bezos
  • Crypto Musk
  • Vanilla Macaroon (Macron)
  • Undying Queen (Elizabeth)
  • Kangaroo Jack (AUSTRALIA MATE)

Friendly Interventions:

  • Suicide Bomber (Osama bin Laden[l])
  • Vampire Clown Granny (Hillarious Clinton)
  • Nurse Delphine (Need I say more?)
  • Kony 2012
  • Toto the turtle
  • Dodo the dodo
  • Rapper Kim

We need evil twin lmaoo

Player Vehicles:



Offensive Ability

Defensive Ability



Kisses in a cone

Hides in cardboard box

Rusted Truck/ 4x4

South Africa

Call Corn Fairies (throws corn)

Smoke up



Call Masai (throws spears)



Summon imps (shoot fireballs)

Hide as a goat riding a goat

Sports Car


Call bike gang (shoot insults)

Transform into Tesla Cybertruck



Call in the infantry (shoot bullets)

Become invisible



Call sharks (noms)

Become submarine

Kangaroo Pouch


Throw boomerangs

Hide as a koala inside the kangaroo pouch



Shoot missiles (locks on enemies)

Become faster stealth aircraft

Game Length

Aim: 5mins per level MAX

Aspect Ratio: 16:9


In a parallel universe, goat herder traveling through countries to defeat the evil twins of important figures. After defeating the evil twin, the good twin comes back and thanks you.

South Africa -> Europe -> Russia -> Asia -> Australia -> USA


Drive car in 3-5 lane road, collect money and ammo. Shoot enemies that are driving in front of you and shooting you. At the end of each level you have mini boss - the bad guy of continent, when you destroy it, you save the prisoned good twin of that leader. They thank you. After level you can upgrade your car armor or weapons, maybe buy more weapons like rocket launcher. At the end there is the final boss. The levels get increasingly harder.


  • No infrastructure/No Roads
  • Multi-lane Roads
  • Village
  • City
  • Famous Building (Kremlin, Eiffel tower, tiananmen square, california cinema stripthing, statue of liberty)
  • Portraits of bosses and main character ( this type of portraits)
  • Enemies
  • Car/ goat

Jeb’s Idea #2 - Educational hacking simulator[m] [n]

You play as a cyber criminal that is using “evil twin” attacks to get money. With money you can invest in more and better equipment and increase your “business”.

First you have $500, you buy raspberry pie - micro computer, laptop and server. Then you make a shitty login website. Then you code ransomware. Then you put that raspberry pie to some mc donalds or mall. People are starting to connect to that wifi, it is slow and the login screen is crappy so people are not using it that much. You get a little bit of login credentials and pollute a few computers. Few of them pay ransom in bitcoins and you sell those login credentials. -> you get more money, you have options to buy different things: better login screen, better raspberry.

faster wifi, more bad equipment to other places. All will increase your “customers”, if you invest better website it will help you get more percentage of people to fall the scam, but with less equipment there will be less people to scam or hack. With bad security police will catch you and the game ends. With not enough money you cannot pay security.

Why is this educational? The game teaches player, don't use random wifi’s, use different password everywhere, shorter passwords are easy to hack, maybe hack hashes with password lists, use vpn, etc… Also point out that hacking without permission is criminal and should not be done.
 TLDR: educate player how to stay safe on the internet.[o]

Jeb’s Idea #1 - Interactive storytellinf[m] [n]

There are 2 twins, one is working as police and other is drug dealer or something generally “bad”. the character, good or bad, changes in every level as the story comes together. in levels you collect glues and talk to npc’s etc… you have to make decisions and that affect to the story and ending. like you talk to npc and you have 3 option to ask, but only one. Ask about “who” “when” or “why”. or “garage”, “jack” or “tomorrow”. police is also bad, maybe they confiscate drug money and you have option to steal that to your ill son’s medicine and the bad is also good, maybe he is robbing rich like robin hood and give that to poor one’s at the end you have to make decision of maybe killing the police or prisoning the drug lord or something like that. Let’s say there are 4 endings that differ from previous decisions Player is challenged to think who is bad and who is good.

Meme’s Idea #1

Evil Twin also means : -> hidden wireless point operating near legitimate point… So U play as a hacker and have to get into bank security vaults and create two to three fake ports .. you have to escape from the other security and stuff

Meme’s Idea #2

(It;s bit controversial but we can change use case)
a person who is victim of war hates his leaders because of them the war started and he hopes to take revenge. he also believes other leaders r guilty because they didn’t do anything to help his country. So he becomes kind of like an assassin and starts trying to kill politicians. However
politicians have lots of power. So “there’s this concept called quantum twin which is like one soul switches btw two bodies” like jeb when sleeping or inactive, his soul switches to another guy in opp timezone. And if jeb dies, so will the other guy…(HE finds about this concept by investigating and coincidence) so the assassin has to solve puzzle to find politician twin and kill him off… if he kills the twin, the politician dies the same way (finding the political evil twin can also be a small case)
And in the end , one of the evil twin would be his closest family itself … what would he do then?? (Would be a good ending point)
References: (ignore the religious shit but the plot is really good… Read the points in blue)
Tldr for that article can be summarised here in this point
(What if)…a Chinese factory worker is also an American nightclub singer…a primary schoolteacher in India is a politician in Westminster…In effect, it is possible that every human being on earth shares consciousness with someone else – his or her quantum twin…As with entangled quantum particles, if you change the quantum characteristic of one, you will change the characteristic of the other. Kill one and the other will also die. In fact, killing the quantum twin is the cleanest way to kill high-powered leaders – who are always surrounded by several layers of high security – without leaving the slightest trace!

VLYK's’s Idea - Tower defense

The frontier is being attacked by waves of monsters. You are sent as the commander of the civilized world to rebuild and push the enemies.
During the day, build & research towers
During the night, survive the wave of enemies
Every end of the day, your scout party comes back and brings you information about the enemy forces (provides you with game lore/story/setting), turns out the enemies are humans dressed in weird clothes from “uncivilized” tribes living outside the wall
Day 3, a unrevealed boss appears, when you get him down to 75% hp, he says “You have been told lies, you don’t know what you’re doing”, he runs away
Day 5, the boss comes back, when you get him down to 50%, he reveals himself, he looks just like you, he’s your long lost twin brother! He explains that everyone in the “civilized” world is being tricked. They continuously expand and kill off the native people. He begs you to stop before leaving
Day 7, Brother comes back at the end of the wave as the final boss. When he gets to 10%, you are offered the choice:
Stop and let them through the gates
Defeat him and imprison all of them
Kill him

Comments and thoughts

[a]I like this idea!

[b]this is spicy

[c]Are we allowed this degree of freedom?

[d]i thought talking abt attacks related to evil twin towers was like taboo

[e]It's been twenty years.

[f]Wer Korean?

[g]?! crazy!

[h]Who the big boss? Who are the normal enemies?

[i]Are we including the silicon valley leaders too like zuckberg

[j]Man lmao i cant put this in resume

[k]Also musk wants to beat putin in match lmao

[l]wer modi?

[m]yeah this is good

[n]how would the player win/ complete the game?

[o]yeah good concept